Short Story No. 10

She lived alone. Abjured company. Owned a cat but had no friends.
Missy embarked on the project for school. Helping hands, taking part in ‘your’ community. Every single day she passed the unkempt door on her way to school. Every single day saw the shadow of a face at the window, and wondered why nobody seemed to know who lived there. Not even mum.
That first time she knocked no one answered, but she noticed the curtains twitch.
By the end of the first week mum said that her persistence did her credit but perhaps she should aim her good intentions at old Mrs. Brown at Chapel Cross. Biddy Hutchins was helping Mrs Brown.
A ginger tabby brushed through her legs next time she knocked. She bent to stoke it but the monster clawed her hand. Drew blood. – It didn’t mean to hurt. Missy explained to mum. Poor thing wasn’t used to having visitors.
Next day the door opened a fraction.  A ruthless blue eye almost slewed her resolve. Almost.

– Persistent child aren’t you?
– I’m working on a project, for school…
They spoke on the doorstep, less than a minute, that first time.
And years later, when Missy became the star, she would tell her biographer that was the beginning. Meeting the recluse who was once the toast of Hollywood. The famous siren crushed by the passing of time and forgotten. Human, and alone.




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