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A Roman Wall

Sough – in my glossary of Scottish words- means to whistle softly. Young’s mastery of words is breathtaking.

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Lazy grey cattle dozed in the August heat, between sharp falls of rain from dark explosions of cloud, a half mile or so to the west of Crag Lough, where the Whin Sill marks the vertical edge of the old Roman Empire.

Nearby lay a dip to Turret 38, stuck in the bottom of a gulley with hills to the west, east, and north. What a stupid place, you can’t help thinking, to put a watchtower, when a hundred yards to one side or the other would have brought you to a hilltop with views 360 degrees around, and for miles in each direction. It tells us something about the men who made the wall, the men who planned it that is. It wasn’t a military mind, I think, that planted the watchtower there, but a bureaucratic one, marking off the right number of paces from tower to tower –there’s…

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The Blood of Kings by Angela King #CoverReveal @bombshellpub @angelaS969

Source: The Blood of Kings by Angela King #CoverReveal @bombshellpub @angelaS969

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