Coming Soon! Dark Minds.

The Sins of Muriel McGarry is only one of 39 short stories on the subject of crime and I am so very delighted to see Muriel’s story in print.

Paul D. Brazill

dark-mindsI’m pretty damned pleased that my yarn ‘Life after Life‘ will be included in Bloodhound Books‘ forthcoming  Dark Minds anthology.

The charity anthology is edited by Betsy Reavley and the full cast list is as follows:

Dark Minds Charity Anthology by Bloodhound Books

1. Ten Green Bottles — B A Morton
2. London’s Crawling — Emma Pullar
3. The Shoes Maketh The Man — Louise Jensen
4. Never tell a Lie — Tara Lyons
5. A Christmas Killing — Richard T Burke
6. By the Water — Betsy Reavley
7. A Cup Of Cold Coffee And A Slice Of Life — Tony R. Cox
8. Slow Roast Pork — S.E.Lynes
9. A Lawful Killing — Ross Greenwood
10. Sticky Fingers — JT Lawrence
11. You Will Meet A Tall Dark Stranger — Ron Nicholson
12. The Wages Of Sin — Lisa Hall
13. Hidden — KA…

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2 responses to “Coming Soon! Dark Minds.

  1. Shelley

    Wow, well done Angie. I’ve liked the page so as soon as it’s ready I will buy a copy & share it on fb. I have loved all your short stories so far & look forward to reading this. You are a talented lady. Xxx

  2. Thank you Shelley. Having had this ‘itch to write’ most of my life I kept putting off pursuing my dream until I had enough time. I get so much pleasure from the process of writing I realise now I should have directed my soul sooner but I don’t mind whether my work is published or not, it’s the joy of doing something I love that counts.

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