From York to Eternity

How did it get to be September 2016? I’ve not written a blog for months and feel ashamed of my lack of discipline. I could pile on the excuses and extrapolate sympathy but in all truth I just didn’t feel I had anything interesting to say.


However, I’ve just returned from The Festival of Writing at York University. Over the weekend I learned much about the publishing industry and that insight absolutely terrified me. If it hadn’t been for the lovely author Tracy Rees (writer of Times Best Seller – Amy Fox) describing the process of publication like building a bridge between the creative process of writing and the competitive world of publishing I would have left downhearted and more than a little afraid.


Often I’ve toyed with the idea of going back to study full-time but after listening to lectures all weekend realised I can’t sit still long enough. I’ve often regretted the fact that I didn’t have the opportunity to go to university when I left school (my family didn’t believe in further education for girls) and it was always my dream to study creative writing when I had time but now I’m not so sure. York University is like a small city and the grounds beautiful and I envy anyone who goes there but my life has moved on and I don’t have any hopes of being a literary writer. But still I absolutely love to write.


So I’ve written my first book and edited and edited and edited until I can’t see a way of making the words any better – what next? Attending the festival gave me a different education, a hard-nosed, money-toting, commercial education. Obviously if a publisher takes your book they want to make money BUT the sad truth is that hard copy book sales have been falling steadily while eBook sales are growing and latest figures seem to indicate that this trend will continue.


Over the Festival weekend I listened to many authors talking about their careers, about their ups and downs, and it struck me they all had one thing in common, even when their work was dissected, damned and destroyed they never ever gave up.




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5 responses to “From York to Eternity

  1. Shelley

    Hiya. You keep at your writing Angie, you’re good at ut and enjoy it! I have enjoyed everything I’ve read of yours. As you know, my friend Terri is now published but it’s taken many many years to get that far. One series she self-published, the other a publisher took her on following winning a literary competition. That is probably a good place to start. Keep at your dream xxxx

    • Thanks Shelley, it really helps to have support from friends and family. Another author who spoke at the festival talked about self-belief and I think, for me, that’s half the battle. xxx

  2. I’m sorry you found the process slightly intimidating! I do know what you mean, but I think that crime fiction tends to build better bridges and be more supportive than many other genres, and once you find your ‘perfect fit’ in terms of an agent or a publisher you’ll get on like a house on fire!

    • I’ve always been shy and crossed a big bridge even going. It was lovely to meet other authors and discuss their work. The agent I met was sincere and liked my writing but I still came away feeling more timid than I went. I’m thinking about sending my MS to have a professional critique done before approaching any more agents but will think about things for a while. The members of C & P all have so much experience which is a great support to beginners like me.

      • Ha! No we don’t – most of us are still crashing about in the writing equivalent of a dark room and only *seem* to know what we’re talking about!! I do understand, though, having had to overcome shyness myself. xx

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