Wishes and Resolutions


Chinese New Year involves writing wishes on red cards and tying them to a wishing tree. I came across this photograph just as I was setting down my resolutions for the coming New Year. Taken in January 2011 I was en route to a family wedding in New Zealand and stayed in the city just a couple of nights. Although much has happened since the picture was taken I still haven’t managed to achieve any of the goals I set myself (perhaps the wishes were left in Hong Kong?). So this year I’ve decided I must make my resolutions less abstract, because I believe the time has come to knuckle down, work harder and not rely on wishes.

First, I am going to formulate a strategy, a working plan, in order to achieve all I want. I will list everything I need to do in order to succeed. I’ll write it in pencil, so it can be altered, but hang it firmly on my study wall in plain and obvious sight.

As I want these goals to be successful I mustn’t reach too high or too far outside my comfort zone, that wouldn’t work at all. So I’ll break down them down into smaller resolutions that can be measured by accomplishment or disseminated into lesser goals should the need arise. I aim to be pragmatic.

And knowing, as I do, how family and friends generally play havoc with my timetable, I will bend my resolutions around their schedules, being born a willow rather than an oak.

So here they come:

Listen and observe in greater measure – use the tools of discovery.

Limit time spent on the internet. It is so easy to lose precious hours on-line – sometimes I think it should be called the Empty-net.

Write every day. Even if this doesn’t produce anything worth reading the practise is quite necessary.

Expect more people to read what I’ve written as and when it’s finished. Extend your reach.

And finally, don’t be afraid to finish what you’ve started.











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