Stand and Wonder

It has been a week of rushing here and there, assaults on the necessary. Ordinary life sifted by a disrespect for my time, my precious time. I’d rather be writing than doing the washing, making beds or preparing meals but these things must be done. I’m a wife, a mother, a grandmother even, although I can’t believe I’ve lived long enough. And I love having visitors to stay, its just that house-work seeps my energy.

Dashing into Sainsbury’s to buy groceries on Saturday, all my worries and stresses biting at my heels, I found myself wishing I could wave a magic wand. It seemed every other shopper was my enemy. Until I reached the far end of the store, where the soft drinks aisle was empty except for a young man pushing his mother’s trolley while she selected the shopping. I think it was his smile that caught me first, men of his age are generally too self conscious to smile like that. And he kept smiling that beautiful smile as he responded to his mother’s instructions.  It took me several moments to realise he was completely blind. I felt small in comparison. I can’t conceive of the courage required to negotiate our crazy world in complete blindness but I recognize when love has no boundaries.

Life has a way of weaving a kind of magic which rarely comes as anticipated. I was reminded that the things we do out of love have more resonance than our small minds can comprehend. 


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