January storm, deep white and drifting.

Grey dubbed morning,

The world hidden, silenced.


We are setting off for Gatwick Airport, hopefully flying to Zagreb later this afternoon. The timing couldn’t be worse, what with the weather conditions outside. We thought we had planned so well, leaving home on Thursday so we could visit family this end of the country. We should realize things never go to plan, especially at our age. But snow is magical, it transforms the environment into another world, an alien one.  Just wish we didn’t have to travel on major motorways today.



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3 responses to “Snowbound

  1. I had been wondering about your travel plans. Hope all is well for this afternoon’s flight. No snow here!

  2. tracy williamson

    loved what you said about the snow Angie, it is very magical and cleansing but at the same time can be inconvenient. ask the angels to clear your way, hope your journey has been safe 🙂

  3. Hope you arrived safely. We have a winter wonderland here in Perth. It’s lovely to look at from a cosy room through large glass windows!

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